Top 3 Hottest Sunglasses Trends 2017 You Cannot Miss

Sunglasses are not only worn for protecting our eyes from sunlight or dust but also for showing personality. Sunglasses improves our elegance, confidence  and persona. For this reason, they are available in different designs, colors, styles and materials. Scroll down to see which sunglasses suit your better in 2017.

#1: The Oversized Sunglasses

Somehow, the oversized sunglasses are here to stay. There is nary a small pair of glasses seen on the runways these days and we are not sure how we feel about that. Some faces simply cannot take the oversized designs and would look more attractive with a smaller piece.

Gucci brings in the oversized with its clear as well as colored frames, making the nerdy style look like a total blast. Yes, who does not want to pick up the Gucci oversized glasses anyway?

#2: The Funky Aviator Sunglasses

Aviators have been big on the runways for a while now. Also one of the fall/ winter 2016-2017 eyewear trends, they are a classic that just does not seem to want to go out of style. Opening Ceremony brings in the funky looks with the red colored lenses and frames, making things all the more interesting with the fact that the clothing and the glasses are perfectly matching.

#3: The Round Lensed Cat Eye Sunglasses

Huge on the spring 2016 runways, the fall 2016 eyewear trends also bring in this rather chic, utterly darling sunglass look, complete with dark lenses and bright rims, rounded in the former and rather feline in the latter areas.

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