Top 5 Summer 2017 Swimwear Trends

2017 Swimwear Trends

Summer is around the corner,  we need to go through summer 2017 swimsuit  trends to do clever shopping.

#1: Brides of the Waves

This brides swimsuits come in single pieces and double, off-the-shoulder and halter top, super sexy and more on the modest side. 

#2: Tasseled Swimsuits

If you want additional ornaments on your summer 2017 swimwear, you could choose tasseled swimsuits.

#3: Total Crop Top

Total crop top is more elegant than tank top with many design elements, such as sheer paneling, strategic cutouts, the high-neck and so on. It is really amazing.

#4: Held in Halter

One great style we have noticed among swimwear trends this year is the use of halter tops throughout.

#5: Swimsuits with Laced Siding

Laced siding comes in multiple styles from halters to spaghetti straps, push-ups and deep V necklines, with bows over the thighs or the lacing appearing more as cutouts.